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Author: digital1982


Fsm Global

Suite # 216, Building # 3, Dubai Internet City,

Joined In Oct 2021

About Me

FSM Global is a quantum leap in Field Service Management software that’s easier to deploy, easier to learn, and easier to use. By simplifying the complexity of service businesses and focusing on delivering optimum operational visibility and performance, FSM Global gives your remote workforce the intelligent tools they need to optimize service operations 24/7, either as a cloud-hosted or on-premise application. Whether your service business is small, medium or large, FSM Global Field Service Management enables your company to harness the power of next-generation technology to improve productivity and boost profitability with greater predictability and connectivity. Better technology + Better productivity = Better outcomes. It’s a simple formula that has propelled FSM Global to become a world leader in Field Service Management software that can transform your business. We enhance your field operations by making them more proactive and less reactive with predictive IoT connectivity and data, so your field teams can be less reliant on a “break it/fix it” model that fosters unplanned downtime and reduces profitability. With FSM Global’s Field Service Management software, you’ll have fewer missed appointments, less drive time, more billable repair time, improved service levels, better efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction. At its core, FSM Global’s Field Service Management solutions, driven by advanced, proprietary algorithms, help you select the right technician at the right time with the right equipment, letting you define the criteria for every project. And because we specialize in niche markets like Telecom, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, and Property Preservation/Inspection, we’re better equipped to boost your service delivery operations with greater market understanding. This is particularly true in the back-office area—from returns management and robotic process automation (RPA) used for interfacing with shipping software and ERP systems, to new equipment approval workflow connected to our customer portal—which is often overlooked by other field service management software solutions. Because FSM Global provides configuration and training templates specific to niche industries, we provide the shortest implementation durations of any of our competitors, including the most robust functionality, particularly for REO (real estate owned) services and property preservation companies that are not sufficiently supported by other software providers.

+971-4-876 1925

Suite # 216, Building # 3, Dubai Internet City,



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